para endurance race

70km 40kg 24h


The Eagle March is part of the training to become a Paratrooper. Para Endurance Race is the civilian version of Örnarschen. Now you have the opportunity to test if you are holding all the way. However, unlike the military tryout, there are naturally no elements of airlanding and shooting. However, constant physical and intellectual resilience is required. The competition is a collaboration between REKYL and the Paratrooper Club. The aim is to make the unit visible in civil society.



Here you can download this year's results list from Para Endurance Race 2020. The file is in PDF format.

Para Endurance Race Facts

The competition usually takes place during the month of September. The start goes at Karamossen and the goal is the Paratrooper camp in Karlsborg the march route goes through Tiveden, among other things. The competition is in battle pairs of two. The result of the competition is measured in time, and at the input the combat pairs can receive time deductions or time allowances in addition to the time that the implementation takes. The battle pair with the lowest total time will be selected as the winner.. Some are committed to coming first, but most are focused on meeting the challenge. Distance 70-80 km, equipment 40 kg freely distributed between the participants patrol, maximum time 24h.

The History of the Para Endurance Race

The competition is a collaboration between Rekyl and the Paratrooper Club. The main purpose is to lift the Paratrooper Squadron and their activities organized under K3 in Karlsborg. Our hypothesis is that the competition arouses an interest in the unit. To REKYL As a company, there is also a stronger society and in it there are also the armed forces as part of society, this type of project and collaboration is important and important. For the Paratrooper club, it is a matter of course to support the unit that the members of the comrades' association have worked or have done conscription on. It is at that intersection that our interests meet. It has not been a given that the Para Endurance Race should exist at all. The whole idea has been preceded by many conversations and extremely much planning. In 2018 the first race took place and we held the number of participants to 100 people. In conclusion, the competition was a great success and now the competition is here to stay. The toll of competing individuals is 200 people in 100 teams. The fastest wins the honor and the competition at the top is fierce. The majority go Para Endurance Race to see if they can handle the challenge. It's a tough competition, but at the same time very fun. Probably completely different everything you've done before. The competition's structure is directly taken from the Paratrooper School's Örnmarsch, which is still used today as part of training Paratroopers in Karlsborg.


The Paratrooper Club is a comrade's association for all paratroopers who have captured the eagle training sign. The club works closely with the Paratrooper Squadron and acts as a gathering unit for older and younger paratroopers.

Every year the members meet to celebrate Paratroopers' Day at the shore of Lake Vättern and the old Paratrooper camp. In fact, all the year hills, from 1952 onwards, have been able to gather every year for a nice weekend with a fantastic camaraderie. A friendship that is based in all simplicity on the understanding of what everyone has undergone, during a hard test period and then a making parachute hunter training.

From all over the country they once came to Karlsborg and learned what it means to stretch their own borders much further than most thought possible. In addition, they were taught us what humility is – without that humility, you did not become long-lasting in the unit. These experiences build a strong community and spirit, spanning more than 60 years and often referred to as the spirit of paratroopership.

It is this spirit that makes a young paratrooper, with joy and pride, visit a 50-year-old paratrooper brother unknown to him. Actually, they don't know each other, but with so much in common, they still do.

You want to be a paratrooper?

(the information is taken from the Swedish Armed Forces website, photo: Joel Thungren)
It's dark and cold, and the characteristic muffled rumble from the aircraft will make your pulse rise as you sit with your group in a transport plane a short distance from the action area. Now you get the go-ahead to get ready, and the ramp folds with a hydraulic buzzing sound. Suddenly the green light is given. You take the plunge, feel the wind, and soon after you hang out in your parachute and look out over the dark landscape beneath you. Silently, glide through the air towards the target area.

You and your group are transported by plane to be released from high altitude and silently glide towards the area you are supposed to operate in. You get information through fixed or mobile reconnaissance on bare ground and in a winter environment.

Fixed reconnaissance means that you have hidden scouting from one and the same place against one or more objects, such as a crossroads or bridge building. Mobile reconnaissance means that you are watching while you move and can last for several days. Maybe you're looking at a building from different directions.

The intelligence you collect will form the basis for higher-level decisions and can be crucial to a positive development.

As a paratrooper, you will undertake permanent reconnaissance for up to three weeks and often in very extreme conditions. You will be trained to use different types of communication equipment and optical equipment such as binoculars and image enhancers, which will allow you to solve your reconnaissance tasks even in the dark.

You will receive a position that is unique to the group you are working in, which means that you will become the group's specialist in that particular area.

The group you belong to must also be able to solve qualified combat tasks far behind enemy lines – the area where the enemy is located. As a paratrooper, you usually work in groups or in so-called battle pairs, two and two, never individually. Your knowledge and skills will also be used for international peacekeeping operations.

When you are not practicing in your position, the service is as usual for a soldier, that is, you nurture your personal equipment and train physically so that both you and your equipment are in top shape for the next operation.

Paratroopers are a position you can search for having completed a basic military training. You will undergo demanding tests before you are accepted.



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