victory through cooperation

Nothing is impossible. The impossible only requires new collaborations.

With the experience of the military world and the business community, we know that every step forward takes place when we work together. The base of REKYL was created with VRR. The Para Endurance Race was created together with the Para Ranger Club. Our Veteran beer was created together with Södra Maltfabriken. We manage our logistics with the help of Mercedes-Benz.

What will come in the future is just an email away.

rekyl to your unit?

Do you want to REKYL come to your unit?
Your unit and the job you put in deserve all the attention. We take film cameras with us and follow out in the spinach, maybe test drive some vehicle and take the opportunity to learn from your knowledge. We spread the information after security review in our channels, inspire and inform in social media where we today reach 350,000 people a week.

Since the support for our units is close to our hearts, we can also provide you with the recruitment of your unit.

Photo: Jimmy Croona/Armed Forces

book us to your podcast / Youtube

  • Sweden's Veteran support company
  • 350,000+ in range each week
  • Our RecoilCoffee has been served in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Elected as honorary members of Veteransupport Rapid Reaction 2016
  • Medal was medaled with The Board of The Nordic Veterans Federation (BNVF) medal of merit in bronze 2018 by the Swedish Veterans Association.
  • Sponsored veteran support organizations with over 800,000 SEK since 2016
  • Owned and operated by hunter soldiers
  • Arranges the Para Endurance Race in Karlsborg together with the Fallskrmsjägarklubben
  • Brews the kingdom's most important beer – Veteranöl – together with Södra Maltfabriken
  • Releases a book autumn 2020

Send us an email and describe your channel and we'll check the schedule

Your pictures of REKYL

Do you take epic pictures or do you manage to capture something really good on film? Then you always have the opportunity to be seen in our social media. That's how we spread the image of our veterans and our defenses.

Make sure that you have the rights to the material and that all/all that is visible may be disseminated. Contact us for more information.

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