It’s not about the distance you run. the iron you lift. it’s about who you’ll become on the journey.

GET SHIT DONE. It’s 100% a mindset.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter where you come from. The past is irrelevant, you are not going there anyway. The only thing that matters is that you take command over your body and mind.


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a company with a purpose

REKYL ATLET’s mission is to build stronger societies. One human at a time. Our mother company REKYL was founded with the only goal to support veterans. So we’ve shaped every single piece of what we do to create social impact. Everyone who’s been deployed are brothers and sisters. We take care of each other. We know from our own experience that the service in combat zones and wars makes a difference and we proudly support our veterans.

Since the start fall 2015, we have chosen to partner with Veteran Support Rapid Reaction (VRR). VRR does a fantastic job helping veterans who for some reason end up in financial trouble. There are no cases that are too big, no impossible tasks. Through the sale of veteran and military tees and other activities, we have collected more than $80.000 to VRR. When you see these shirts in the woods, on the streets or on deployments, you know that there is someone doing their bit to support our veterans. In September 2016 REKYL were elected as honorary members of VRR. In 2018 we were decorated with BNVF (The Board of The Nordic Veterans Federation) medal for our work.



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